Metal Trusses to Increase Your Barn's
Headroom, Strength,
& Aesthetics

Structural Steel Trusses to Increase Your Barn's
Headroom Strength,
& Aesthetics

Storage Space

Structural Integrity


Structural Steel Trusses for Sale

Wooden trusses are often the go-to product for ag buildings, but they have a few problems: they reduce usable headroom, take longer to install, and do not have the enduring quality of steel.

At Buffalo River Truss, we offer a better solution for your new structure: structural steel trusses!

Headroom & Storage

Structural design combined with fewer trusses allow for more overhead storage space when working with larger items.

Install Times

Pole barn truss systems typically install faster than wooden trusses- reducing building installation time!


Enjoy an open and airy interior due to the strength of steel, truss design, and

Structural Integration

Besides being steel, our trusses mount on the top and side of the posts and integrate the post into the roof structure.

Why Work With Buffalo River Truss?

We know how important it is to find reliable suppliers for your construction projects. That’s why we focus on the following:

  • Keep standard truss sizes in stock for shorter lead times
  • Engineer approved drawings on all standard trusses
  • Keep our set of engineer drawings updated and to code
  • Offer trusses up to 100’ in width on a variety of roof pitches
  • Customer satisfaction through rapid problem resolution
  • High-capacity production and raw materials kept in stock

“Top notch service and super quick turnarounds. I dropped in today and picked up a set of 30 foot trusses. Thanks guys, you saved the day!”

We Make Getting Structural Steel Trusses Simple

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    Contact Us

    Our team will help determine the trusses you need based on your building’s blueprint or drawings.

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    Scheduling & Engineering

    We keep you updated on lead times and any additional required engineering.

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    Receive your new trusses and enjoy the faster installation & increased storage space!

Structural Steel Truss FAQ's

A pole barn truss is a special building truss that is designed specifically for setting onto the post that is set for the wall structure.

Like any construction project, it depends on several things: spacing, load requirements, steel pricing, etc. As of early 2023, approximate pricing for a standard 12' center 24 ft pole barn truss is around $500.

It depends on the engineer's specs and drawings, but it's typically from 8-12 feet.

It depends on the application and the market costs of wood vs metal or steel. Sometimes they are cheaper and at times the pricing is similar.

We have a variety of pre-engineered drawings on hand for 24 ft pole barns that we can build a wide variety of trusses for quickly. Any customizations that affect structural components are sent for reengineering.   

Because 24 ft is a popular pole barn size, we try to maintain a stock of trusses at our shop for this barn size. If we have the trusses that your 24-foot barn needs, then we can probably ship within several business days.

For custom orders, our standard lead time for orders is two weeks. 

Transform Your Next Riding Arena, Pole Barn, or Ag Structure with Structural Steel Trusses!

If you are building a new ag structure but have some concerns or frustrations about traditional wooden roof trusses, then take a look at structural steel trusses.

Forty-foot pole barn trusses not only increase your building's headroom and interior aesthetics but are also faster to install and will increase your barn's structural integrity.

Call us today to see how we can take your structure to the next level!

Are you seeking reliable, durable, and cost-effective trusses for your pole barn construction project? Look no further! Buffalo River Truss offers top-of-the-line structural steel trusses that are sure to exceed your expectations. With our unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we guarantee outstanding results.
Pole barns have become increasingly popular because they are versatile, affordable, and quick to build. They offer various benefits, such as extra storage, a practical workspace, or shelter for livestock. Their flexible design allows customization, making them ideal for farmers, ranchers, and hobbyists.
At Buffalo River Truss, we recognize that the strength and stability of your pole barn hinge on the quality of its trusses. Our structural steel trusses, meticulously engineered and crafted using premium-grade materials, meet the highest industry standards. Employing cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control processes, we ensure each truss is built to withstand the test of time and provide unparalleled support for your pole barn structure.

The history of structural steel trusses is intertwined with the evolution of modern architecture and engineering. Steel trusses, made from iron and later steel, gained prominence during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. Their strength, durability, and ability to span large distances revolutionized building design.

The Eiffel Tower, completed in 1889 for the Paris Exposition, showcased the potential of steel trusses on a monumental scale. This iconic structure became a symbol of modern engineering. Steel trusses continued to be pivotal in constructing skyscrapers, bridges, and industrial buildings, enabling the creation of innovative architectural designs.

Today, structural steel trusses are a cornerstone of construction, underpinning the world's most remarkable and enduring structures, from towering skyscrapers to expansive bridges, exemplifying the enduring legacy of steel in modern engineering.

When you choose Buffalo River Truss, you not only invest in superior craftsmanship but also unlock significant value. Our trusses are designed to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, maximizing load-bearing capacity while minimizing material costs. Through our efficient manufacturing process, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. By reducing construction materials and labor expenses, you'll realize substantial savings, making your pole barn project an economically sound choice.
Don't jeopardize your pole barn's integrity with subpar trusses. Act now and reach out to Buffalo River Truss to secure your supply of structural steel trusses. Our team of experienced professionals is prepared to assist you in selecting the perfect trusses for your project, addressing any inquiries you may have, and offering personalized recommendations tailored to your precise requirements.
With Buffalo River Truss, you're not just obtaining exceptional trusses; you're gaining a trusted partner committed to your success. Don't delay any further. Experience the Buffalo River Truss difference and bring your pole barn vision to fruition. Contact us today to discuss your project and secure the highest quality structural steel trusses available. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we eagerly await the opportunity to serve you!