About Us

Buffalo River Truss started in 2014 after brothers, Mahlon and Monroe Miller noticed something after years of agricultural and small commercial construction: there wasn’t a good option for steel trusses in the South-central U.S. region.

Growing up doing construction with their brothers, Mahlon and Monroe had worked with a variety of both wooden and steel trusses. With quality steel trusses being hard to find they decided to look at building them.

That’s when they started Buffalo River Truss LLC. With an emphasis on quality raw materials and best welding practices, the company continues to grow and offer metal trusses that take agricultural construction and aesthetics to the next level!

Our Core Values

Christ Centric

We are a faith-based company that strives to create a supportive and caring atmosphere that allows people to prosper in their professional and personal lives.

People Are Important

We value each person and the talent they bring.

Innovative Focus

Our goal is to host an environment that fosters innovation and continuous improvement in our products and services.

Clarity In Everything

We bring clarity into all of our communications, processes, systems, and relationships.

Opportunity Driven

We see opportunity as a gift and strive to maximize it to bring value to our company, it’s people, and client partners.

Our Mission is to provide economical, integral and high quality roof structures for the post frame industry, that create an open modern feel that inspires people while bringing social improvement through providing quality job opportunities for the community around us.

Our Purpose is to bring the principles of truth based in the Christian worldview into the workplace.

Our Vision to invite people into a work environment where they experience a clean and wholesome atmosphere of good camaraderie, integrity, honesty, joy, and fun, while performing the tasks assigned to them.

We know how important it is to find reliable suppliers in today’s construction industry. That’s why we focus on the following:

  • Keep standard truss sizes in stock for shorter lead times
  • Engineer approved drawings on all standard trusses
  • Keep our set of engineer drawings updated and to code
  • Offer trusses up to 100’ in width on a variety of roof pitches
  • Customer satisfaction through rapid problem resolution
  • High-capacity production and raw materials kept in stock

Buffalo River Truss is a proud supporting company member of the American Welding Society.

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