Increase Your Barn's
Headroom, Strength,
& Aesthetics
Steel & metal roof trusses for pole barns, riding arenas, & ag structures

Increase Your Barn's
Headroom Strength,
& Aesthetics

Steel & metal roof trusses for pole barns, riding arenas, & ag structures

Storage Space

Structural Integrity


Steel & Metal Trusses for Florida State

Wooden trusses are often the go-to product for ag buildings, but they have a few problems: they reduce usable headroom, take longer to install, and do not have the enduring quality of steel.

At Buffalo River Truss, we offer a better solution for your new structure: metal & steel trusses!

Headroom & Storage

Structural design combined with fewer trusses allow for more overhead storage space when working with larger items.

Install Times

Metal truss systems typically install faster than wooden trusses- reducing building installation time!


Enjoy an open and airy interior due to the strength of steel, truss design, and

Structural Integration

Besides being steel, our trusses mount on the top and side of the posts and integrate the post into the roof structure.

Why Work With Buffalo River Truss?

We know how important it is to find reliable suppliers for your Florida construction projects. That’s why we focus on the following:

  • Keep standard truss sizes in stock for shorter lead times
  • Engineer approved drawings on all standard trusses
  • Keep our set of engineer drawings updated and to code
  • Offer trusses up to 100’ in width on a variety of roof pitches
  • Customer satisfaction through rapid problem resolution
  • High-capacity production and raw materials kept in stock

“Top notch service and super quick turnarounds. I dropped in today and picked up a set of 30 foot trusses. Thanks guys, you saved the day!”

We Make Getting Trusses in Florida Simple

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    Contact Us

    Our team will help determine the trusses you need based on your building’s blueprint or drawings.

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    Scheduling & Engineering

    We keep you updated on lead times and any additional required engineering.

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    Receive your new trusses and enjoy the faster installation & increased storage space!

Transform Your Next Riding Arena, Pole Barn, or Ag Structure in Florida with Metal or Steel Trusses!

If you are building a new ag structure in Florida but have some concerns or frustrations about traditional wooden roof trusses, then take a look at steel trusses.

These steel truss systems not only increase your building's headroom and interior aesthetics but are also faster to install and will increase your barn's structural integrity.

Call us today to see how we can take your structure to the next level!

Are you preparing to build a pole barn, storage barn, or riding arena? 

At Buffalo River Truss, we manufacture high-quality steel trusses for building projects in Florida. Our unique trusses increase the strength, headroom, and beauty of your building!  

Buffalo River Trusses have a faster installation time than regular wooden trusses and allow for more storage space!  Whether you’re building a pole barn, riding arena, or ag structure, you’ll enjoy the quality, strength, and beauty of our steel and metal trusses. 

If you live in Florida, give us a call today - our staff will be happy to help determine which steel trusses are right for your building project! 

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If you live in Florida and are looking for quality steel trusses for your next building project, call us here at Buffalo River Truss and get started! 

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